25 Worst Zombie Movies

Like all things there are the very good and the very bad.  One cannot exist without the other.  While these are my top 25 worst zombie movies that doesn't mean i don't love them.  Without them i wouldn't appreciate the good ones as much.  And sometimes the B rate horror is so bad it's good.  It has a place all it's own.

25. Zombie Nation

24. Zombie Holocaust

23. The Rage

22. The Dead Next Door

21. I Am Omega

20. Return of the Living Dead 2

19. Last of the Living

18. Dead Air

17. Day X

16. Zombie 5: Killing Birds

15. Zombie 4: After Life

14. Zombie 3

13. Zombie Abomination - The Italian Zombie Movie Part 1

12. Night of the Commet

11. Gangs of the Dead

10. The Dead Hate the Living

9. Dance of the Dead (Master's of Horror)

8. Zombie Honeymoon

7. Oasis of Zombies

6. Dawn of the Living Dead

5. I, Zombie

4. City of Rott

3. Awaken the Dead

2. Beaver Lake Zombies

1. Living a Zombie Dream

If you've seen a more horrible zombie movie let me know!  These are the worst of the worst as far as i'm concerned.