The Links


Beer Advocate - Reviews, events, an awesome directory, and a great forum.
Ratebeer - Reviews (highly inflated crap).
Homebrewtalk - The best homebrew site out there.
HT Beer Connoisseur - Classy as fuck.  This site goes through and teaches you how to be a total snob.  Come a Chaz...go to this site.
Complete list of beer blogs - It is what it is...all of the blogs!
The Daily Beer Review - Great blog with lots of great reviews.


All Things Zombie - General zombie site with some cool stuff.  I use it for the community and forum
Zombie Squad - This is serious shit right here.  Men and women with weapons, communications, survival, and medical training talk about what it takes to survive when the shit hits the fan.  If your serious about zombies you need to be a part of this site....or become one of them.  The forum is great and has lots of info on zombie movies (training films)
Zombie Zone News - This is the most comprehensive and up to date zombie movie site in the world.  Period...end of story.  This guy Don does a great job.  He's got reviews of shit people like you and me will never be able to track down.
A World On Fire - a cool blog about cool zombie shit