Friday, April 29, 2011

If you don't drink Miller Lite then you're a loser!

If your like me then you try to tune out during radio and TV commercials.  I can't stand marketing jingles, slogans, and pitches.  I won't listen.  I would like to think i have everything I need and if i did need to go get something i would research it first.  Not all purchases mind you, but at least the big ones.  That's why i was shocked wen the other day i saw a Miller Lite commercial on TV.  I knew from my childhood that beer commercials were almost always hilarious but for the last 5 years or so I've cut way down on TV watching and never pay attention to mass advertisements.  That being said you should take a look at some of the commercials below.
 So if you don't drink Miller Lite then you carry a purse like a girl?  Hmmmm that's odd.  But that's not all!  The commercial implies that if you DO care about taste then obviously you would be drinking Miller Lite.  How have i never made the connection between taste and Miller Lite.  I feel so dumb i might burn my kegerator and start drinking Merlot.  For those who really know beer there is a bit at the end that really makes me laugh.  "Triple hopped" is what they used to describe the beer.  They did this knowing that most beer drinkers know nothing about beer.  Most beers are triple hopped.  In fact almost all beers are above the whopping 11 IBUs that you'll find in Miller Lite.  I'm thinking "Triple Hopped" actually means "We added 3 hops."  But you know what i'll let you all decide.  Take this "Triple hopped" Miller Lite and taste it against.....oh i don't know......Stone Ruination!!!  Now tell me which is "Triple Hopped."  Fight the man!
Miller plays on male insecurities in order to get people to drink their beer.  The people who don't drink Miller Lite in every commercial are either less manly, goofy, geeky,..etc...etc.

For those who haven't seen it.  "Beer Wars" is a documentary about the beer industry.  If your passionate about beer you need to see this movie.  It shows the read "David vs. Goliath" nature of the beer industry.  They do a taste test with normal bar hoppers who have their preferred lite beer brand.  Every person in the movie picked the wrong beer.  The big 3 (Bud/Miller/Coors) all taste identical.  The only reason people are loyal to one instead of the other is marketing.  Do what everyone else is doing.  Drink Miller Lite.  If you don't drink Miller Lite you'll be.........AHHHHHHHHH......different!!!  Stand your ground.  Be you.  Drink good beer!


  1. Hey. Cheap beer has its place. When it is 100 degrees outside and your thirsty. Sipping a beer loaded with hops just doesn't cut it. It needs to be cold and there needs to be tons of it. Domestic beers serve this purpose.

  2. Okay so this was the comment that made me spend an hour googling why i wasn't able to return comments. Now that I've got it figured out here goes! So it's hot where you are. Well that's too bad. Sounds more like an excuse. I know dozens of craft breweries that make high quality hefeweizens, milds, pale ales, blonds, and even....yes pilsners. If your having trouble finding one in your area i can recommend a few. I've heard this reasoning for buying the mass produced beer but it just doesn't cut it with me. People say "It's cheaper" and i get that. Not everyone has a little disposable income to throw at craft beer but hot sir!