Friday, July 1, 2011

DIEner and Scuttlebutt Tripel 7 Belgian Ale

I found myself scrolling through the watch it now horror section in Netflix when i found this movie.  I checked the trailer and it looked promising so i decided to give it a go.  They use a professional camera so how bad can it be right?  It actually isn't that bad.  The idea is that a sociopath and a young couple get stuck in a diner during a zombie apocalypse.  That's pretty much the whole joke.
The opening scene is a waitress telling all to some guy at the diner.  It's late and the place is empty.  He suddenly jumps up and kills both the waitress and the cook, and puts them in the fridge.  As he's getting ready to leave a young couple and a cop come in.  He's forced to try and run the diner and not look suspicious.  While he's waiting tables the people he killed comes back to life.  That's pretty much the entire movie in less than a paragraph.  But what makes this movie interesting isn't the plot twists (none), gory shootouts (none), cinematography (boring), or special effects (latex, black eye makeup, and ketchup).  What makes this movie special is the antics of the sociopath.  He's really funny.  He's a Ed Norton look alike who's adopted his acting style.  His quick and quirky remarks keep the movie light and add humor.  There is this one great bit of banter (that you can watch in the trailer) where our bad guy asks the girl to throw him a roll of tape from his duffle bag.  She says "There's nothing but rope and tape in this bag."  to which he replies something like "It's my rope and tape bag, what else am i supposed to put in there!!"
The beer is one of those 6-packs that you pick up because you want an interesting high octane beer that's only 8 bucks.  You really roll the quality dice with a move like this.  The beer is brewed in Everett, WA, only a half hour from where I live.  Since I'm all about local I pull the trigger.  It's 9% abv and 11 IBUs.  It pours a radiant light copper with a small white head which dissipates in seconds.  It's much less than expected of a Belgian tripel.  Not a huge nose on this one.  It's a mellow honey with wafts of soft graininess.  There's also some signature Belgian funk with just a touch of wet dog.  Now that I've said that you try not to smell wet dog when you drink this sucker.  It's all over it.  The flavor is incredibly okay...just okay.  It's not as complex as it should be, it finishes a little sweet and I think it's very under carbonated.  There's a little spice and some honey flavor the alcohol is well hidden.  There's little hops decorating the bottom of the label...maybe they should have used those in the beer.  Very little hop flavor and bitterness.  Yea i said it.  I'm like the Simon Cowell of beer reviews. it's just okay.
If you've got an hour and a half free and want something fun but bad at the same time rent this one.  This would be a good "have a couple drinks" movie.  I would like to see the lead actor do another movie with a bigger budget, better special effects, and a real supporting cast.  I don't want to sound like i'm bashing the movie because it's not bad.  It's got a lot of heart and i dont' hate it as much as i do some other well known zombie films (the Return of the Living Dead series).

The Beer:
Aroma – 4/10
Appearance – 4/5
Taste – 6/10
Palate – 2/5 
   Overall – 10/20
Total = 26/50

The Movie:
Production – 3/5
Plot – 3/5
Gore – 1/5
Zombies – 2/5
  Overall – 2.5/5


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