Friday, September 30, 2011

Flight of the Living Dead and Southern Tier Jah*va

Southern Tier is the Rocky Balboa of breweries.  Located in Whogivesashit, NY this little giant is fighting against all odds to pump out their premium brew.  Just when you think they're going to get knocked the F out they come back and beat some Russian ass.  Years ago I tried a poorly handled Belgian Tripel I bought at a "shady as hell" Salisbury, MA liquor store.  I believe it was called XXX (not the Midnight Sun one).  It was at the beginning of my beer drinking days so I wasn't the polished uber nerd I am now.  However, checking the website there is no sign of it so maybe it was a onetime dud.  But that beer gave me a serious aversion to anything Southern Tier until I tried their Oak Aged Unearthed IIPA.  POW POW!  I was back against the ropes as sip after sip of sweet malt and unabashed hoppy flavor kicked my ass.  Southern Tier, TKO, you win.  Okay enough boxing references.

Here's a picture of the expanded brewerey.  They're pumping out more beer than ever trying to meet the high demand for thier product.  Unearthed and oak aged unearthed are worth the $10 all day long.
My wife has been craving Espresso Oak Aged Yeti for almost a year now but it's nowhere to be found.  As a substitute I grabbed Southern Tier's Jah*va Imperial Coffee Stout.  I poured us a couple of snifters and put on a zombie movie.  Flight of the Living Dead!  With her snifter 2/3 of the way full of thick black beauty she excused herself from the undead carnage that I was about to witness.  (She doesn't have the stomach for that much awesome).  I read through the label of the beer as the movie starts and I’m happy to see that they're using high grade Jamaican coffee roasted locally!  Now alcohol ranges depending on where you look.  I'm not going to dig the bottle out of the recycling but I believe it was 11%.  (The websites say anything from 10.8-12% depending on year).  It looks all of 12% with a deep black hue with a brown fluffy head that breathes deep roasted malts and tons of coffee.  This beer is highly aromatic with caramel and something like rich chocolate covered bacon (a hint of bacon).  I wish i had this beer as a scented candle, that's not weird is it?
This beer is perfect for this movie in the way that any strong beer would pair nicely with this movie.  You need to be a little liquored up to truly appreciate this movie.  The beer is so delicious and so strong that by the time I get through previews and credits I'm feeling pretty good.  I'm filled with the satisfying sloshing of a beer that is so good it brings tears to my eye.  It's full and rich and covers the tongue with its oily resins.  The flavor is powerful with bit hits of roasted coffee and caramel.  There's this little lingering bitterness at the end of each sip which is similar to a pat on the ass after a great play.  That a boy!  This beer is so malty you almost have to chew it.  And the alcohol warms on the way down and really settles the spirit.  I feel like I should be wearing a velvet robe next to a fire.  Buy this beer.

Here's a look at the zombie women of this movie!

There was really only one thing missing from this movie.  That's my friend the autopilot!
Flight of the Living Dead is one of the best straight to DVD zombie movies I own.  What an accolade to achieve.  "Best straight to DVD zombie movie".  It's got some decent actors Kristen Kerr looks like one of those women who's in other movies you've seen...but she's not...other than Old School.  Kevin J. O'connor was the brother in There Will Be Blood and also starred in one of my favorite films Deep Rising!  There's also that creepy guy from the Mummy.  He really gives me the creeps.
After snakes on a plane somebody had to release a spin off and zombies seemed like a reasonable alteration.  Changes snakes for movie?  Sort of.  A couple of

The Beer:
Aroma – 12/12
Appearance – 3/3
Taste – 18/20
Palate – 4/5 
   Overall – 8/10
Total = 45/50

The Movie:
Production – 4/5
Plot – 4/5
Gore – 5/5
Zombies – 4/5 
  Overall – 4/5


  1. I love this movie way more than i probably should. The legless zombie nun is awesome!