Sunday, January 29, 2012

Resident Evil: Extinction and Deschutes Jubelale

So I move on to the third Resident Evil movie with a sigh of relief.  It's not that the other two are that bad, because they're not.  I just have seen them SOOOOOO many times.  And the Resident Evils are not a re-watch and re-watch type of movie like Dawn of the Dead.  I know earlier in prior posts I claimed my favorite as the original, but after watching them again in order, I have changed my mind, the third one is!  It wasn't always this way.  The first time I saw Extinction I hated it.  Zombie birds was a huge turn off, as were the super mutant zombies, and the remote control Alice.  But this movie had a certain likability to it.  I decided to pair it with another new favorite of mine...JUBELALE!!!!  Not to be confused with Jubel the 10% abv bomb that just kicks ass.  This is a more toned down seasonal perfect for when the weather gets a bit chilly and you need a little something to warm you up.
So this film starts out with Alice on the road alone.  She goes to save a woman and her baby that she hears on her radio only to find herself in a trap with a ganged of strange inbred street people!  But it's Alice, so ass kicking ensues and everyone is dead....except Alice of course.  Great start to the movie.  This is also where the idea is planted that Alaska is infection free.   I know I'm a bit biased after living there for three years, but it really would be a great place to be in a Zombie Apocalypse.  The first movie starred Alice the normal woman who transformed into Alice the highly trained killer.  The second movie is Alice the highly trained killer transforming into Alice the semi mutant bad-ass.  In this movie Alice goes from semi mutant bad-ass to full faced super-motherfucking-mutant-bad-ass!!!!  She actually gets all telepathic in this movie.  It gets weird.  That's your heads up.

Deschutes puts out quality beer after quality beer.  This is no exception.  It's their winter ale and it's awesome.  It pours a deep cloudy opaque brown with dark red hues and a nice light brown head.  The aroma is strong toasted malts with some high alcohol fumes.  It's very rich with grassy hops, spice, and clove.  The flavor is similar to aroma but stronger.  It's boozy and slick, full of malt that fades to an earthy bitterness.  It's strong at 6.7% abv and plenty  bitter at 60 IBUs.  There's a hint of coffee under all that rich toasted malt.  It's unique in a way that few beers are.  This is the winter ale that other winter ales wished they were but they don't have the balls.  If a hefeweizen is your idea of extreme then don't buy this beer.  It will leave you naked and crying on the bathroom floor.  Me.....I have two cases of it.  So I can take it.
The zombie birds i think took up more of this  movie than they needed to.  In fact if they had left them completely out it would have been better.  At least it wasn't as bad as "The Rage" or whichever Zombi movie was the "Killing Birds" one.  I think it was four or five.
I do like those curvy blades that Alice has.  Those are pretty sweet.  I originally hated the idea that Alice had super mental powers but it was pretty sweet.  They (Umbrella Co.) actually shut her off (she stands frozen) and they can see things through her eyes for some reason.  This is actually sweeter every time i see it.  It was a really cool effect.  She is able to break satellites thousands of miles away with her mind.  Despite the fact that this movie relies on non traditional zombies to try and set this film apart it still works.  The "Boss" zombie is the research scientist that gets bit with a mutated virus and becomes some kind of mutated super zombie.  He's even stronger than ROBOZOMBIE and rabid hairless lion zombie.  I think by the end of this film you'll be glad I'm done with my descriptions of the various Resident Evil zombies.   This movie also had a lot of very likable characters.  Otto (Simpsons reference) the bus driver, Carlos (the S.T.A.R guy from Apocalypse), Claire, and the cowboy guy all grab at your heart.  It's entertaining and though it doesn't fit the mold of what I think a zombie movie should be I still think it deserves it's due credit.

The Beer:
Aroma – 9/12
Appearance – 2/3
Taste – 17/20
Palate – 3/5 
   Overall – 7/10
Total = 38/50


The Movie:
Production – 5/5
Plot – 4/5
Gore – 4/5
 Zombies – 4/5
  Overall – 4/5


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