Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tournament of the Dead Begins

So I'm on the road and all my worldly possessions (save some clothes and my ipod) are on a ship enroute Seattle, WA.  What does this mean for you my devoted readers?  No zombie/beer reviews for a couple of weeks.  So what is a man to do?  I am going to take on one of the debates that has ravaged the zombie watching community...Which country rules all in zombie movie production?  Below is the bracket I've com up with including the initial ranking for each Zombie movie releasing country.  Now not all countries are involved as i only have 10 slots.  Some countries put forth only a handful of horrible films and therefore are not included.  Other countries have only 1 zombie film yet still get a decent seed?  Well it's my game and there is a method to my madness.  The initial rankings may not indicate the final outcome as I'm going to take into account any comments that people post to try and sway my opinion.  If you think Zombi 2 is the pinnacle of zombie movies, tell me why.  If you think China has a couple of gems that I've overlooked then let me know.  Otherwise.....well it's my game.  Because the US has a bye in round 1 my first post will be JAPAN VS CANADA!!!!!  A brutal fight to the undead!!!!  Tune in next time fore the results.


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