Monday, May 30, 2011

Round 1 Match 1 CANADA (#9) VS JAPAN (#8)

For the first round of my tournament I've pitted Canada VS Japan in the battle of the best zombie movie producer.  Japan is off to a poor start as I find reading subtitles takes away from the movie a bit, especially for an action movie.  One minute I'm reading the lengthy monologue by the main character and....shit!  I missed a neck biting.  Canada speaks English (I haven't seen any Frech/Canadian zombie movies) and that's comfortable for me.  Below is a list of zombie movies for each country.

FidoTokyo Zombie
House of the DeadStacy
Meat MarketWild Zero

Both have a couple of duds and i haven't yet reviewed any for the blog.  But bet your ass I've seen a bunch of them.  Tokyo Zombie was boring and silly.  Versus was sort of a zombie movie but more a karate movie than anything.  Stacy was original but low budget and just plain bad.  Wild Zero I've never seen so the jury is still out on that one.  But Canada oh Canada.  I didn't realize that Pontypool and Fido were Canadian.  Perhaps I've short changed Canada.  I saw that House of the Dead was Canada (which i really thought was from the US) so i checked on the sequel House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim.  I liked the second one better so it makes sense that it's from......THE US!!!  It still kind of sucked though.

I'm going to give this round to Canada with a healthy shake of the hand.  Pontypool was well made and truly frightening at times.  Sure the premise was kind of out there and there was very limited gore but it still worked.  This movie is a very different and will  be the first movie i review when i get back to my movies.  Fido is a classic that belongs in every zombie movie collection.  It's campy and funny with just a splash of that gore that you really need to pull it all together.  Billy Connolly made a better zombie than he did a hitman (Boondock Saints anyone?).

So that's it.  Canada will move onto round two where they will take on the powerhouse USA.  Japan will go back home with heavy hearts and a renewed sense of urgency.  Write and produce my Asian friends.  You have much work to do!!!


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